Double Check The Belt Slack Of Your Child’s Car Seat

Double Check The Belt Slack Of Your Child’s Car Seat 84

Car Seat Safety

My stomach turns and my eyes water just thinking of the tragedy that could have occurred. A small piece of detail overlooked that would of made it extremely difficult for me to live with. Fortunately, I’m the one writing about the awareness instead of the local media making a headline.

To be honest, I was a bit hesitant to write about this personal experience. But then the thought occurred that If this saves just one child’s life, it’s worth all the criticism in the world. I’m only human and I make mistakes. Hopefully I can help someone to not make this mistake and prevent a terrible outcome.

The Terrible 2’s

I have always been cautious when placing my girls in their car seats. Even before an accident back in 2007 when my first born (only daughter at the time) and I were T-boned and rolled over. I recall that frightening night like it was yesterday. I remember buckling her in and pulling on her seat belt several times to make sure it was secure. She was 2 years old at the time and we were on our drive home on that late April evening when a truck ran a red light and hit us. We escaped the accident with my daughter having only minor scratches on her hands with me only incurring a knee contusion.

So one night driving home a couple months ago, this time with my wife and both daughters, we encountered a scary moment. My wife sat in the back next to our youngest, then 2  years old,  who was in her car seat. All of a sudden we heard a jolting sound and noticed the car seat shake. At first I thought that I must have hit something on the road.

But then….It happened again.

My wife quickly urged me to stop and pull over as something didn’t seem right. I was able to pull into a small shopping center. My wife and I went around to where my daughter was sitting and noticed the slack of the car seat was hanging out door.

The Slack Not The Worst Part

After noticing the slack hanging out, we quickly opened the door and noticed that her belt had begun to tighten. Not severe enough to cause any harm but was noticeable. The thought of what could have happened still has not left my mind. The straps of her belt could have tightened so hard and suffocated  my little girl. Her little chest could have been crushed by the power of our truck. And I don’t mean to be too graphic but I would hate for any parent to have to experience anything close to this.

I love my little princesses and will do anything to protect them. And although nothing terrible happened, it kills me inside just thinking of what may have happened.

First and Foremost, Slow Down

We all live in a world that has now been accustomed to speed. We want things now…. We need to move fast…We want to be first to it…..

This particular night, we were not in a hurry. But it was dark and we are so used to being on the go and moving quickly that we simply forgot to double check the safety of our child. A simple mishap and negligence could have caused a lifetime of hurt for our family.

In My Belief, We Were Lucky

We obviously find ourselves extremely fortunate that we escaped this with only a scare. My advice to you is to take an extra 30 seconds or more to ensure your children are completely safe. Obviously there are factors that are beyond our control. Just don’t have the regret that a simple overlook that was in your power lead to a catastrophe.

“image credit: How to Install a Car Seat with a Seat Belt

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