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Carpenter Insurance

Customized coverage for your carpentry business

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Precision Insurance has its headquarters in Montclair, California providing carpenter insurance for contractors in Los Angeles, San Bernardino, and Riverside County and throughout California.


Since we are an independent insurance brokerage, we have access to many top-rated insurance companies. We do not work for any one insurance company…we work for you. We’ll build a policy for your carpentry business designed to meet all your needs, and one that’s affordable. We understand that every cent counts so we work hard to keep your insurance costs down. That way you can redirect those additional dollars towards helping your business grow.


Carpenters insurance overview

Workers’ compensation insurance

In California, the laws demand that every employer have a workers’ compensation insurance policy to take care of employees that become sick or injured on the job. As a carpentry company, there are many risk factors that can cause injury to your employees and lead to a portion of lost wages and high medical costs. In addition, this is generally a requirement in order to be awarded a job you’re bidding on. Don’t miss out on opportunities or wait last minute to get coverage in place.

General liability insurance

The general liability policy is the foundation on which all business insurance rests. We have great markets to cover liability insurance for carpenters. It protects your carpentry or cabinet making business from the most common forms of business liability including:


– Slip and fall accidents

– Injuries to work-site visitors

– Injuries to non-employed workers caused by you or your company

– Protects your business from damages to a client’s property that occur on your premises.

– General liability insurance also protects you from claims due to advertising liability, product liability and more.



Property insurance

Many carpenters have shops and other assets needed to conduct a carpentry or cabinet making business. Property insurance protects your assets from your shop to your tools from loss due to theft, fire, and weather events. Many times, carpenters choose to insure their property through an Inland Marine Insurance Policy. You can add this type of policy on to a property insurance policy or buy stand-alone insurance. Precision Insurance will carefully review the best way for you to get Inland Marine Coverage.

Inland marine coverage

Most carpenters do their work outside of their shop. If this applies to you, then you need Inland Marine Coverage. Tools, materials, and supplies that you transport to the job site need protection while on the road. When in transit, your Inland Marine Coverage protects you against loss. The policy has nothing to do with water; it is a type of property insurance that protects you. Following are some of the things covered by the Inland Marine Policy:

CA Insurance for carpenter tools

Carpenter Tools


– Trailers used to haul your equipment to and from the job site.

– Mobile equipment (e.g., forklifts or bulldozers).

– Carpentry tools and supplies in transit.

– Buildings and projects under construction.

– Computer equipment and data.


Carpenters insurance for vehicles

Our commercial auto insurance programs are geared specifically for contractors such as carpenters. Whether you have just one vehicle or a fleet of trucks, we’re confident that you’ll find great value.

In addition to great customer service and outstanding claims representatives, our carriers offer flexible payment options for your convenience.


Other carpenters insurance coverage to consider

In the case where your business must stop operations, consider Income Protection Insurance.

Umbrella insurance extends your liability insurance policies when you reach their limits. If you have liability coverage for $1 million and lose a judgment for $2 million, you pay the second million dollars without help. It could ruin you financially. A five million dollar umbrella policy is very affordable.

Who can use carpenters insurance?

There are a number of businesses that can be protected by carpenter insurance. Some examples include:


– Builders

– Cabinet installers

– Construction companies

– Deck builders

– Developers

– Framing contractors

– Handyman

– Home contractors

– Remodelers

– and more….

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Precision Insurance listens to you about how your business runs. We do not sell you a prepackaged insurance portfolio – each carpenter has different needs. Get a quote today!


At Precision Insurance, our customer service to the Southern California and entire state’s business community has no equal. We design an insurance portfolio that meets your needs. Call the independent business insurance agency, Precision Insurance and see why we think of ourselves as a partner to your success. Our number is 909-752-0239.