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Renters Insurance

Superior renters insurance for less than a dollar a day

How important are your personal belongings to you? Although your landlord’s insurance policy provides coverage for the building itself, it’s not going to protect what’s inside the walls. If your personal items are stolen due to a burglary, or damaged in a fire or water leak….are you in a position financially to replace those items on your own? Make sure you’re covered with renters insurance.


Get renters insurance and own piece of mind

Your coverage will include liability protection with our basic policy that starts at $100,000, which covers injury to a person on your rental property. Imagine you’re having a BBQ and one of your guests happens trip and fall, your policy will cover legal expenses in this type of situation. Your renters policy will also provide medical payments for those who are injured in your home, but do not live with you.


Renters can add savings and see their rates fall with discounts

Every nickel counts. Any extra savings can perhaps help pay off some debt, bills, or get you closer to purchasing your own home. Once you get renters insurance through Precision, you’ll see how affordable it can be. Here are some discounts that may be available to you:


Auto Insurance with Renters InsuranceCombine your car insurance and you can get a discount on both your renters and auto.


Installation of an approved and properly maintained burglar alarm. Having a home security system will not only help secure your belongings, but your wallet too with added savings.


Payments and renters insurance made simple

Our payment options make it easy to quickly set up your renters policy. We’re here to help you every step of the way. If you have specific items you’d like to insure such as a wedding ring, we can help with that too. We want you to have a great experience so you can focus on enjoying life.


Precision specializes in renters insurance and other property coverage such as condo, home, and manufactured homes.  Serving all of Southern California with great discounts available. Contact us today.