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HVAC Insurance – Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning

One of the many niche industries we serve at Precision Insurance is the Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) industry. This business has many challenges that need addressing by its insurance program.

To cover a HVAC business against most perils that might confront it, key coverage’s suggested by Precision Insurance for most HVAC companies include:


General Liability Insurance

Commercial Auto Insurance

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Inland Marine Insurance

Property Insurance

License Bonds / Permit Bonds.

Umbrella Insurance


HVAC Insurance written by A-rated carriers

If you buy the insurance from a dedicated agent, your hvac insurance will come as a bundled package written by a single company or possibly multiple carriers depending on the risk and savings.

General Liability

The keystone of a HVAC insurance program is its general liability policy. Common problems the general liability policy protects your HVAC business range from damaged property to a visitor tripping over a HVAC tool that was not put away. Some general liability insurance policies include Professional Liability Insurance.

This coverage protects your company against claims for:


Incomplete work, or work completed in an un-workman like way

Profession negligence

Mistakes or errors you made performing your duties


Fortunately, your general business liability insurance goes to the job site where you are working so your company has protection where you work.

In the event you have an office, where visitors come to call on the company or delivers things to you there your insurance also covers your business premises.

One other thing that your policy features is coverage for your company if you damage property on the client’s property. Say you are installing baseboard heating and damage the client’s high-end natural wood floor. Your policy has you covered for these kinds of incidents.

Property Insurance for Technicians

It takes many tools and tons of equipment and supplies for installation and repair work on a job site. The property insurance you buy for your business protects you if any of these things are damaged or stolen. The perils Precision Insurance protects you from include property insurance on your primary business site and any job sites you take your equipment.

Inland Marine Insurance

While the name suggests insurance for things that float inland, this insurance covers your tools and equipment as you bring them to a job site in the event of an accident.

This type of insurance covers:


Equipment, tools and supplies in transit

Trailers you use for bringing and removing equipment, tools, and supplies from a job site

Computer equipment and data you store


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