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Janitorial Insurance

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Cleaning and Janitorial Insurance in California

It shouldn’t be difficult for companies offering cleaning services in California to get janitorial insurance. However, it can be challenging depending on the types of services being offered and where they are being offered, especially for small contractors just getting started. The good news is that we can still help find affordable coverage whether you’ve been in business for 20 years or just starting out.


Obviously prior coverage and length in business with a good claim history is a great way to obtain the best rates. Getting to this point does not take much time though. Implementing employee training and safety procedures is important to sustaining a sound business operation. This will help keep your losses to a minimum and eventually lead to better insurance premiums.


Underwriting factors for janitorial insurance

Not all insurance carriers are willing to provide coverage even if they offer products for cleaning services. Some services that your business provides may disqualify you from certain markets. While some may say no, we have carriers that say yes. But we’ll need to know if you do or service any of the following:


– Service medical facilities or hospitals and the cleaning of instruments

– Restaurants: equipment such as hoods, vents, stoves, fryers, grills, etc.

– Floor waxing: during or after business hours (note: after is best for insurance purposes)

– Service to any schools, military or government buildings

– Debris removal for construction sites or remodels.

– Window cleaning using scaffolds (less than 3 stories is best but not a deal breaker)


janitorial insurance in california

UCLA Medical Center


Policy types to consider when buying janitorial insurance

Workers’ compensation (WC)

Provides medical expense, lost wage and death benefits for someone injured or ill caused by a work-related incident. California law requires businesses with even one employee (other than yourself) to have workers’ compensation insurance. Operating without it is a tremendous risk and should not be overlooked.


General liability

Your business will continue to grow as opportunities present themselves. But without the foundation of coverage you may miss out on new deals. A contract with City Hall for cleaning services may put you in place for a contract with a school district. Good work in these facilities give you leads to residential work in cleaning, carpet cleaning, and hard flooring services.


Your services may extend throughout a large territory. But as your service territory grows, your risk increases as well. If a non-employee suffers an injury, and blames a slip and fall accident on the floor your company just cleaned and waxed, you can face tremendous lawsuit. Your general liability insurance protects you and pays the claim and related legal costs if any on your behalf.

Janitorial Insurance in California

Janitorial services: Window Cleaning, Floor cleaning/waxing,


Imagine you are cleaning a large residence with many works of art. You receive a call the next day that one of your workers broke a valuable vase appraised at $9100. Your general liability pays your customers claim. The GL policy also protects your business premises


Remember, this policy has a limit. If claims exceed the limit, you are responsible. So if you need to increase your limits for more protection, a commercial umbrellas may be an option to consider.


Property coverage

If your business has an office,  you need a real property insurance policy to cover against loss of property by fire, wind, or other covered weather conditions, theft, vandalism and more.


Business auto insurance

This can protect you and your employees involved in a crash driving to a job site.  Legal responsibility for property damage, medical payments for injury, lost wages, and a death benefit can all be covered. If your staff usees their own cars to go to a job and carry supplies in it be sure to include an endorsement for “hired and non-owned autos” This covers the gap and protects your business and your employee from legal liability if a non-owned vehicle is in a crash while driving on company business.


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Precision can find the right coverage for you even if you include services such as floor waxing, outside Multi-story Window cleaning companies, school and medical facilities. We have many markets to select from with rates that are second to none.


The insurance package you choose must meet the level of risk you have. A one man carpet cleaning business run from a home has needs that are different than of a large commercial janitorial service with many companies serviced by them. Although cleaning companies have some unique risk, a well-designed insurance package protects your business from many of the financial risks it faces. Give us a call for assistance in finding the right policy.