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Life Insurance

Precision Insurance is the “go to” insurance agency for residents of all ages interested in life insurance and living in Southern California. Life insurance is one of the most affordable kinds of financial protection you can own.

Life Insurance is Complicated

Nevertheless, navigating the kinds of life insurance is a complicated task and an independent insurance agency is the best place to go for advice. In Southern California, Precision Insurance has it’s headquarters in Montclair, California. We serve insurance clients in the areas of Chino, Ontario, Upland, Pomona, Rancho Cucamonga and the rest of the Inland Empire including Riverside County. As independent agents, clients are our only concern.

Kinds of Life Insurance

Precision Insurance answers all your questions about the many kinds of life insurance on the market today. Some of the more common types of life insurance include:


Whole Life Insurance: this insurance is a policy with a fixed premium and a fixed benefit. The policy never goes up and the protection is never reduced. The younger a person is when buying this kind of policy, the less expensive the premium. In addition, your policy earns dividends that are tax-free. Many insurance companies pay a guaranteed return of 2 to 4 percent, although some have generated returns in excess of their guarantee – as much as six percent. Also, you can withdraw money you put into a whole life insurance policy tax-free, up to a maximum.


Term Insurance: a term insurance policy provides level premiums with a level benefit for a set term – usually a term policy is for ten years. Frequently, term policies are renewable, but as your age increases, so does the premium.


Universal Life Insurance: Seems as if every industry has developed hybrid products and life insurance is no exception. This kind of insurance policy offers the low-cost protection found in term life insurance, but has the added feature of a savings part similar to the kind found in whole life insurance. Additionally, three key portions of the policy can change as your circumstances change.

They are:


The death benefit

The premium

The savings portion


Your Precision Insurance independent agent can check these and other types of life insurance policies with you so you get the policy that meets your precise needs.

Why Life Insurance is Important

Family protection – life insurance helps replace the income you brought into the home

To pay off debts and expenses – pays off the mortgage, credit cards, car loans and the like.

To leave an inheritance – a life insurance policy is a way to get an asset to leave your heirs.

Added financial security – when you still have kids at home, you not only want to provide for their needs as they grow up, but also want to help pay for college, a wedding, or other important activities.

Bring Peace of Mind – Money cannot replace you. Nevertheless, a life insurance policy helps your family deal with the unexpected.


Dealing with the loss of a loved one is difficult; add to that the worry of paying for a leaking roof and one can understand why life insurance helps bring peace of mind to the family.

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