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Trucking Insurance

Truckers in California and every state in the United States must meet certain special insurance requirements to work. Whether you are a long-haul truck owner operator, or a short-haul mover who only moves households from one part of town to another – you need the following insurance coverage to keep your business legal.



Did you know that of the states in the country, California ranks #3 on the list of states tractor-trailer registration.


Kinds of Insurance Truckers Need

When you run a long, intermediate or short-haul trucking company you need the following insurance coverage to run in California and elsewhere:


  • General liability
  • Business auto liability for private passenger and service vehicles
  • Cargo-legal liability
  • Non-trucking auto liability
  • Truckers auto liability for revenue units
  • Physical damage
  • Cargo
  • Truckers auto liability for revenue units
  • Excess auto liability


Below are examples of the type of coverage available and how the policy works.


Worker’s Compensation Insurance

The potential for a trucker having a job-related injury is important. Truck drivers often suffer from sleepiness at night and have accidents. Pricing of this type of policy is available on a schedule or reporting policy basis using miles, revenue or units.


General Liability

Physical Damage and Cargo Coverage protects you, your employees, and your customers from injuries to other people and from any property damage you caused (subject to your deductible and policy limits).


Physical Damage

Physical damage involve your or your employees when they are working and cause property damage.


Your men are trying to move some heavy furniture into a home, The tarp is large on the furniture you are moving and you stumble and the furniture hits and breaks a wall mirror that is large and expensive – physical damage insurance cover you for the legal liability stemming from property damage caused by your or one of your employees.


Cargo Insurance

The furniture you were moving was an expensive leather sofa. The coverage protection offered by cargo insurance pays for the repair or replacement of cargo that is under your control until delivered according to the homeowners wishes (subject to your deductible and policy limits).


Another example is your on long-haul with a cargo of whiskey. The loading was improper and along the way several cases of premium whiskey shift and destroyed. Here again, cargo insurance pays your customers losses (subject to your deductible and policy limits).


Bobtail or Non-Trucking Insurance?


Bobtail Insurance

Many of the coverages available to truckers only apply when hauling cargo. For example you drop your load and trailer in Los Angeles and live in San Francisco, so you drive home with just your tractor, no rig attached. Bobtail insurance for these types of trips including driving just your semi from one drop off point to pick up another rig. It does not cover any personal use of your tractor.


Non-trucking Liability Insurance

When you use your semi truck for personal business such as errands, going to a movie and more. However, this coverage is declining in popularity as courts are split on what is personal use. For instance, you have an exclusive contract with a particular carrier. Does their insurance cover when you drive to a garage to get repairs? Courts have decided both ways. It is important that you discuss this coverage with your personal insurance advisor.


There are many other insurances available to your business including umbrella policies that take over when your liability policies reach their limits.


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