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Umbrella Insurance

Precision Insurance is the independent insurance agency people and businesses in Montclair, the Inland Empire, San Bernardino and Riverside Counties turn to for buying general liability insurance.


I Have Enough Insurance! (….probably not.)

Many residents of California believe that auto insurance or homeowners insurance is enough to protect them financially in the event they cause injury or even death to another person. Well, if you believe this, you are wrong. You need to add an umbrella insurance policy to your portfolio – otherwise you face financial ruin, bankruptcy, or giving a portion of your income to another for a long-time, even forever.


Liability Examples That Can Be Prevented with Umbrella Insurance


Auto Crash

You, a successful stockbroker, inadvertently run a red light and crash into a modest sedan. The owner is file clerk whose right arm and hand are severely broken. Your insurance covers personal property for up to $50,000 and you have auto personal injury liability insurance of $100/$300 thousand. This means, the injured person has $100,000 for medical expenses, lost wages etc.


Your insurance covers the entire cost of a new car.


The injuries to the clerk are serious and after rehabilitation he cannot continue working, this person is 38, and planned on working another 25 years. The total lost income exceeds $2 million. You now owe the victim $2 million, and any costs of care, such as a rehabilitation facility, a home health aide etc. not covered by traditional health insurance. You go to court and lose – your financial life is over.


Home Pool Accident

Your child has a friend over for a swim. While walking on your pool deck she trips on some uneven paving blocks and smashes her head on the pool edge. You have homeowner’s liability insurance of $100, 000. The little 8-year-old girl sustained a traumatic brain injury (TBI) and will need care for life at home. After the first $100,000 is spent, you are liable for ongoing expenses – your financial life is over. Prevent this financial setback with an affordable umbrella insurance plan.


Business Liability

A customer in your luggage shop is admiring a floor sample when a number of suitcases and trunks tumble off the top shelf. One is a metal trunk that strikes her head. Your organization is a sole proprietorship, meaning when your insurance ends you are personally liable. Like the little girl, your young adult customer suffers a TBI. Your business general liability policy only provides $100,000 of liability insurance – seems as if your financial life is over too.


Save Money and Time, Buy Online

Until disaster strikes. At Precision Insurance, making sure you have the protection you need is the most important reason our agency exists. We don’t care if it takes two hours to set you up with a policy.


In all three of the above situations, had the defendants bought an inexpensive Umbrella Insurance Policy with a $5 million dollar limit at a very affordable premium their financial situations remain undisturbed. This is the value Precision Insurance offers all its clients, the time to understand your special circumstances and tailor a precision insurance program that protects you best at an affordable rate. Had any of the above insured had our advice, they probably would have an umbrella policy.


We scour the many A rated companies that we write our clients’ umbrella insurance with for the best insurance available. These companies are financially stable and able to pay claims quickly. Online and single company agencies work for the insurance company, we work for you. When we bind your umbrella insurance, the insurance company, not you pay our commission. But, we offer you choices that single company agents and online companies do not.


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