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Welcome to Precision Blog, the official blog of Precision Promotional and Insurance Solutions.  Our bloggers consist of Precision associates and special guest professionals to engage with our clients and the online community discussing a wide range of topics that will provide informative and entertaining readings. In addition to insurance information, we’ll provide odd and fun posts relating to trending events outside of insurance to add a little twist.


Although Precision Promotional and Insurance Solutions is a fresh name in the insurance  industry, you will find that we have set a strong foundation to provide quality service and products. By developing the framework focusing on our customers, we are confident that in the years to come, Precision Promotional and Insurance Solutions will become a household name.


We truly value your opinion and hope you enjoy reading on each of the topics posted. We invite you to visit our facebook and twitter pages to stay connected with us.



We welcome you to share your thoughts by posting comments on each of the blogs. Our customers and visitors feedback, whether critical or supportive, is important to our growth and appreciate your responses. We just ask that you please keep your comments to the topic of the posts and that you use respectful and appropriate language. Our staff will monitor and review each of the comments and will remove any inappropriate, profane, or abusive language.