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Hiring a Contractor – How to Do So Safely

By Precision Agent Editor April 20,2017 12:32 am
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Hiring the right professional contractor for home repair will save agony, as well as experience and funds. Follow these tips to do so! Perform an Interview Before signing that dotted line for contracted services, ask the important questions. See of it as an interrogation to put the recollection at ease when hiring a contractor. This will assist […]

Tips For Real Estate Agents/Loan Officers: Ways to Help Your Clients Lower Their Home Insurance Premium

By Precision Agent Editor November 12,2014 10:32 pm
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Clients who are purchasing a home often times are not aware of some of the details that can help minimize the insurance costs. The lack of information can lead to missing out on potential savings. This is especially important for loan officers who are trying to qualify the buyers. Therefore, the tendency is to seek […]