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The Dodge Demon: Bold Monster of an Automobile

By Precision Agent Editor April 13,2017 8:31 pm
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The Dodge Demon is rising straight-out for all your race annals. Image: Dustin Drankoski/ mashable Dodge is ready to take the title of the world’s fastest creation vehicle and it’s not content to merely zoom through the line with the quickest time. The automaker’s primary to battle the top spot away from its opponents with […]

Double Check The Belt Slack Of Your Child’s Car Seat

By Precision Agent Editor December 13,2014 2:55 am

My stomach turns and my eyes water just thinking of the tragedy that could have occurred. A small piece of detail overlooked that would of made it extremely difficult for me to live with. Fortunately, I’m the one writing about the awareness instead of the local media making a headline. To be honest, I was […]

California Low Cost Auto Insurance Program

By Precision Agent Editor September 26,2014 9:23 am
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What is CLCA? The CLCA program offers income eligible good drivers afford auto insurance to satisfy California’s minimum requirements mandated by law. A qualified applicant is allowed up to two policies that covers one vehicle per policy. All household drivers and vehicles must be covered under a California Low Cost Auto Insurance policy. How to […]