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Hiring a Contractor – How to Do So Safely

By Precision Agent Editor April 20,2017 12:32 am
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Hiring the right professional contractor for home repair will save agony, as well as experience and funds. Follow these tips to do so! Perform an Interview Before signing that dotted line for contracted services, ask the important questions. See of it as an interrogation to put the recollection at ease when hiring a contractor. This will assist […]

The Dodge Demon: Bold Monster of an Automobile

By Precision Agent Editor April 13,2017 8:31 pm
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The Dodge Demon is rising straight-out for all your race annals. Image: Dustin Drankoski/ mashable Dodge is ready to take the title of the world’s fastest creation vehicle and it’s not content to merely zoom through the line with the quickest time. The automaker’s primary to battle the top spot away from its opponents with […]

Prepay Your Funeral with an IFT: Irrevocable Funeral Trust

By Precision Agent Editor December 13,2014 8:21 pm
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Photo: iStock Who’s first to pull out their checkbook? Perhaps you’ve heard a story or two or even been involved in an unfortunate situation where everyone in the room just looked and stared at each other when it was time to pay the costs associated with services of a loved one that just passed. Often […]