Insurance Company Reviews: California products

Insurance Company Reviews: California products 65


This is the start of what plans to be an ongoing series of insurance company reviews and their products offered through Precision. Our plan is to give you some knowledge on the coverage levels for each product type offered and the features available so you feel comfortable and confident with the carriers we work with. You will also get an understanding of how to lower your premiums and determine what additional endorsements or products you may be lacking within your current policy. As we continue throughout this series, we will keep you posted with any current updates and or changes that may be taking place in the California market.

Preferred and Non-Standard Carriers

Precision provides the opportunity for a variety of risks to get coverage. For example,  if all drivers in the household have a good driving record, you will be able to qualify for our preferred products. If you happen to have multiple violations, several accidents, or a DUI, we have products for you as well with our non-standard product. However, we have carefully selected and work only with companies that have a solid financial background and a great track record for handling claims in a timely fashion. So don’t let the non-standard term create cause of concern. Our intent with these insurance company reviews is to familiarize you with the quality of these carriers.

Multiple Options

We are not tied down to just one company. Having a variety of options allows you to make a more informed decision when buying insurance coverage. As you begin to follow our series, we hope that you’ll learn as to why Precision chose the route of being independent instead of a captive agent. The insurance company reviews will help you get a grasp on the variations of limits, discounts, features,  billing plans, and product availability. If you own or operate a business, we have options for you as well.

Trusted Source

You or someone you know may have had a bad experience with a particular insurance company or agent. In my opinion, most of the blame should probably come down to the level of the agent but the carrier or agency will generally get the bad review. That’s why we always want to be upfront and honest with you so there is a clear understanding overall. We want you to feel comfortable with your coverage plan. We cannot and will not survive as a business if you can’t trust us. That’s why we’d rather demonstrate integrity with our actions, and not just our words so you feel good in recommending your family and friends.

Fact of the matter is that every single company, and not only insurance, will have some unsatisfied customer at some point or another. That is just the way our society works. Throughout the insurance company reviews, we plan on highlighting some tips or best practice methods that can help reduce the risk of having a bad experience. So try not to be so quick on placing judgment on a company as a whole, or even an agent for that matter.

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